Three migrants dead as smuggling boat sinks in Mexico

Three migrants dead as smuggling boat sinks in Mexico

At least three Honduran migrants died and four were missing on Monday after a people-smuggling boat capsized in eastern Mexico, authorities said.

Several others survived the accident in Agua Dulce in Veracruz state, where the Tonala river flows into the Gulf of Mexico, according to an official.

"They retrieved three bodies. The four survivors report that there are four missing," Agua Dulce civil protection chief David Esparza Diaz told AFP.

Many thousands of migrants cross Mexico each year on a journey during which they face multiple dangers, including road accidents, drowning and crime.

The National Migration Institute said Monday that a 36-year-old Salvadoran and his seven-year-old son had died last week while crossing a river between Mexico and Guatemala.

On Saturday, four migrants died and another 16 were injured in a road accident in the southeastern state of Chiapas, authorities said.

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