PM Nikol Pashinyan:

PM Nikol Pashinyan: "After latest developments it is unclear whether Azerbaijan truly wants opening of connections"

The situation around the world and in the region is tense and Armenia considers itself responsible to de-escalate this tension and find fundamental solutions, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian said at the Cabinet meeting.

“In this regard, indeed, we think that the peace talks between Armenia and Azerbaijan must be launched as soon as possible. Moreover, the border demarcation and delimitation works must be accelerated parallel to the measures for increasing the level of security and stability at the border. You know certainly that we have made the proposal of reciprocal withdrawal of troops on the border, considering the de jure borderline confirmed between Armenia and Azerbaijan during Soviet times as an indicative for pulling back,” the PM said.

Pashinian added that in addition to the proposal of the general withdrawal, Armenia also proposed local withdrawals, and is still awaiting a response from Azerbaijan.

However, PM Pashinian said that after the latest developments it is unclear whether or not Azerbaijan truly wants the opening of regional connections.

“If it does, our proposals are still in force and we are ready to start implementing them at any moment, literally at any moment,” Pashinyan said.

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