Ukrainian President Zelensky will address the Swedish and Danish parliaments
Credits: Behrouz MEHRI and BEHROUZ MEHRI / POOL / AFP

Ukrainian President Zelensky will address the Swedish and Danish parliaments

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will on Thursday address the Swedish parliament, one month into the Russian invasion of his country, the Riksdag said Wednesday.

The speech, which follows multiple appearances by video link before parliaments in other countries, is scheduled for 10:55 am local time (0955 GMT), the Swedish parliament said.

"I'm honoured that the president of Ukraine wants to address parliament during a raging war," said speaker Andreas Norlen.

Less than a week after Russian troops invaded on February 24, Zelensky spoke to MEPs in the European Parliament on March 1.

Since then, he has addressed the US Congress, as well as British, Canadian and German lawmakers among others.

On Wednesday, Zelensky was to speak to the French National Assembly. On Thursday, he is due to address an extraordinary NATO summit.

Kyiv, which has received large deliveries of mainly anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons from the West, is now calling for "offensive weapons" as deterrence against the Russian army.

Sweden has delivered 5,000 anti-tank launchers to Ukraine, breaking it's doctrine of not sending weapons to countries in active conflict for the first time since 1939.

Denmark has also sent lethal aid to Ukraine in the form of 2,700 anti-tank weapons.

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