Sanctions on Russia could extend beyond Ukraine war's end
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Sanctions on Russia could extend beyond Ukraine war's end

Tens of thousands of people demonstrated Sunday in Mexico City to denounce a proposed reform which they insist will undermine the independent body which organizes the country's elections.

Protesters chanted "Hands off INE," or National Electoral Institute, as they made their way along Paseo de Reforma in the city center to express opposition to the change championed by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Lopez Obrador alleges that the INE endorsed fraud when he ran unsuccessfully for the presidency in 2006 and 2012, before winning in 2018.

Under his proposal, the INE would be replaced by a new body with members chosen by voters instead of lawmakers and with a smaller budget. Political parties would also receive less money from the government for campaigning.

Lopez Obrador's critics say he is damaging democratic checks and balances with his attacks on the INE and other institutions.

His proposals, which involve amending the constitution, require support from at least two-thirds of lower house lawmakers.

Many of the demonstrators wore pink -- the color associated with the INE.

Graciela Aberel, a 53 year old English teacher, said the proposed change amounts to letting the government organize elections, as was the case before INE was created in 1990.

"What he wants is for all the elections to depend on the government, so as to manipulate them at his whim and be able to stay in power," said Aberel.

Some in the crowd carried banners that read, "I am not corrupt, class-conscious, racist or hypocritical." This alluded to adjectives the president used last week to describe those who planned to take part in Sunday's rally.

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