Buckingham Palace opens the Center Room with its famous balcony to visitors
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Buckingham Palace opens the Center Room with its famous balcony to visitors

Visitors to Buckingham Palace in London this summer will get to stand behind the famous balcony that the British royal family often poses on.

For the first time, the palace is opening the building's East Wing, which includes the Centre Room where the iconic balcony is located.

"This room was part of the edition of the East Wing, made by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. And it was Prince Albert who suggested the balcony," said Nicola Turner Inman, curator of Decorative Arts at Royal Collection Trust.

"It was first used in 1851 for waving off the troops for the Crimean War. So, it's been in use for quite a long time," she said.

Visitors will not be allowed to stand on the balcony.

But as well as being able to look through the net curtain down The Mall, there is also a newly restored 19th century glass chandelier shaped like a lotus flower to admire.

"For the public to be able to see the chandelier, not a glimpse of it from the mouth, but actually be in the room where it hangs is an exciting prospect," said Turner Inman.

Ticket holders will also be able to go inside the Yellow Drawing Room, which features 18th century items such as recently restored hand-painted Chinese wallpaper and a Kylin clock.

While there have been guided tours of parts of the palace since 1993, access to this section has been made possible after five years of renovations as part of the ongoing Buckingham Palace reservicing programme.

Other highlights include Chinese imperial silk wall hangings presented to Queen Victoria, as well as artwork from the likes of 18th century British painter Thomas Gainsborough on display in the Principal Corridor.

As well as seeing the East Wing rooms, often used for receptions and meetings as well as balcony moments, the 75 pound ($95.90) tickets include access to the State Rooms.

The summer opening of the State Rooms and the East Wing rooms is from July 11 to Sept. 29. Cheaper tickets are available to the State Rooms only, but anyone keen to see the newly opened wing will have to wait until next year, as those tickets have sold out.

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