Charlie Puth on the Metaverse and TikTok: 'I Always Want to Be Ahead of the Curve'

Charlie Puth on the Metaverse and TikTok: 'I Always Want to Be Ahead of the Curve'

The Billboard Music and Critic's Choice Award winner, 30, is partnering with iHeartRadio and State Farm to put on a concert for his fans at iHeartLand's State Farm Park, a state-of-the-art entertainment space for music and gaming in the metaverse.

"I'm really looking forward to interacting with my current fans and getting a whole slew of new fans that I might have not been able to reach in the past," Puth says.

This is not the first time Puth has turned to the internet for his fan base. Amid COVID-19, the singer joined TikTok and quickly became known for sharing his music production process with his fans and allowing them to help build his songs.

"I usually wrote music after I got off stage after feeling the energy of tens of thousands of fans, but I wasn't able to receive that energy for obvious reasons… we weren't touring," Puth says while discussing the pandemic. Hoping to find inspiration elsewhere, Puth joined TikTok.

Following Puth's performance in iHeartLand on Sept. 9, there will be an album release party in celebration of his new album CHARLIE coming out on Oct. 7. At the album release party, which will also happen in the metaverse, Puth will perform new music for the first time and answer some questions. For Puth, celebrating his new album online feels very fitting.

in his career, Puth is not ready to stop there. "I always want to be ahead of the curve when it comes to all things technological like the metaverse or anything that comes through after that."

Puth is looking forward to his future in music. Whether it be working with or writing music for other artists, Puth is excited about it all: " I just want to be doing this for the rest of my life because I really truly love how music affects people in a positive way."

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