Fire Erupts Outside the Weeknd’s Concert in Las Vegas

Fire Erupts Outside the Weeknd’s Concert in Las Vegas

A large fire erupted outside Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas Saturday night as fans were leaving the Weekend’s concert at the venue. Local firefighters responded to the blaze shortly before 11 p.m. and quickly contained the fire, according to Fox News.

Police and stadium officials did not immediately respond to requests for comment, but news reports say that a vehicle containing merchandise caught fire in the stadium’s parking area. Judging by photos posted on social media, the vehicle was completely destroyed.Fans leaving the concert posted extensive footage of the blaze on social media, with the inevitable “The Weeknd’s concert was so hot that the stadium caught fire”-type comments.

The Weeknd posted photos from the show on his socials — containing Las Vegas-referencing lines from his smash 2019 single “Blinding Lights” — but did not mention the fire.

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