Ōura unveils its AI-powered digital assistant 'Oura Advisor' for smart ring users
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Ōura unveils its AI-powered digital assistant 'Oura Advisor' for smart ring users

The smart ring manufacturer Ōura is launching a generative AI-powered assistant named Oura Advisor. This new feature aims to provide Ōura users with more personalized insights, recommendations, and encouragement.

A chatbot integrated within the Ōura app will serve as a 24/7 health coach, reported SBJ. This virtual assistant can answer user questions, learn new information about the individual wearer, and tailor its suggestions to meet the user's specific needs. These can include factors such as fitness goals, family circumstances, and other personal considerations.

Prior to the introduction of Oura Advisor, the guidance provided by Ōura had been predominantly based on general data rules and algorithms. The new AI-driven assistant represents a shift towards more customized support for Ōura ring users.

“Those are not as personalized as they could be, and so when you had this new wave of conversational AI models, the first instinct for us was, ‘Could we use these to actually generate advice that is more specific to you and takes a wider look at the human context around your data?’” Oura senior director of product Mats Kyyrö said.

“The trademark problem of a lot of devices like ours is that you're basically looking at the life of a user through a straw. You see data like sleep, you see metrics like workout tracking and a variety of things, but you don't know about the day-to-day specifics around those events, and those are actually often the most significant details to how we should guide you." 

Oura Advisor represents the second feature to emerge from Oura Labs, the innovation-focused division within the company. Oura Labs enables users to pilot and co-create experimental products, providing their feedback to help shape these new offerings.

The first feature introduced by Oura Labs was Symptom Radar, which can help predict the onset of respiratory illnesses prior to the appearance of physical symptoms. This capability was initially identified and developed within a few months of the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Oura Advisor is built upon an off-the-shelf large language model, although the specific model was not disclosed by Oura's CEO Kyyrö. For comparison, the Whoop Coach feature was developed using ChatGPT. Kyyrö noted that Oura's needs may evolve, potentially requiring the use of a different language model or the integration of additional models in the future.

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